Pneuma Couture is a fashion company focused on providing the very best clothing to our clients by sewing remarkable clothing that fits and portrays the style the client is hoping to achieve.

Our Promise to You



All clothing made by Pneuma couture is made from the best fabrics with industry-standard precision. Your clothes are made to last.


High quality

Clothes made by Pneuma Couture have been known to speak for themselves. This is because we attract the best tailors and seamstresses in the industry by providing an employee-friendly work environment with competitive pay.Most importantly, the culture of mutual respect and appreciation in the company at every level, from the C.E.O to employees, makes every person give their very best. So you can be confident that high quality is guaranteed because we sew with love for you.


Value for money

We take your decision to have a dress sewn by our company seriously, so we will give you more than you will pay for it.


Customer Service

Pneuma Couture is still in business because every customer has been treated as if they were our only customer since the day we opened our doors.We appreciate your business and will always put your needs at the heart of our business decisions.